Wedding photography


Black Pooka – Together you store those magic moments!

Wedding photography services:

– Take a wedding album

– Take a wedding reportage

– Filming, photography wedding day


Wedding photos is not only preserved memorabilia moments sublimated love of the couple, but it also is a testament to a love fruition. Thus, in addition to other procedures, the shooting weddings wedding is equally important.

Today, wedding photography services, wedding album, is no stranger to the couple. But not simply to any studio you’ll have a wedding album like that. As for the beautiful and “quality”, there must be harmony between the photographer and the couple. Photographers who must be able to “feel” the beauty of its own, and the higher is the color of love each pair and put it on the frame. Thus, you get new shots most real, the most natural.


Understand the wishes of the bride and groom today, Black Pooka wedding photography under the motto: “Take heart, emotions and artistic perspective into every frame” in the hope of giving customers the shot shaped like the best.


We are proud of the advantages:

– Our team of professional counselors

– Staff photographer experienced

– Equipment, Modern props

– The extensive service package for a reasonable price

So you absolutely can rest assured about the quality of service and cost money when it comes to Black Pooka!

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