Wedding invitation


When the wedding, most of you just take the time and cost of the problem mainly for wedding photography, wedding dress selection, Makeup etc … As for wedding invitation diagnostic equipment like? Write wedding invitation look like? … Usually you think of the last and spend little time for it the most. So with the right wedding invitation is not important and does not cause prejudice to the wedding of the two of you do not?



Wedding invitation is an invitation to show the sincerity of the bride and groom and their families to the guests attending your wedding. Normally, a wedding invitation is a letter which included the details of time, location, beautiful wedding photo of the two of you and the problems related to marriage and are often sent to guests from 4 to 6 week before the wedding.

These invitations, wedding cards can be printed in many different ways or can handwrite. Trends wedding invitation template design is rich and yet not fixed a figure available. Today, you will find many different wedding invitation samples on the market such as: romantic, modern, youthful and impressive …

Depending on the style of wedding reception you can choose wedding invitations that fit best. For example, for beach weddings, people can choose a bright color and pictures on the beach, in the case of a traditional church wedding, the choice of wedding invitation templates reflect the official nature of the ceremony laugh. Modern wedding invitation is a reflection of all the personalities of the couple rather than the traditional.


Currently, based on the mass media is that you can freely choose their own wedding invitation samples varied in style. But also because of the variety that will cause you problems when choosing your own wedding invitation, you worried about how to choose? Then please contact us: at Black Pooka we will give useful advice and help you fix the problems that you’re worried. We have a great collection of beautiful wedding invitation and rich in color, style, shape, you can easily choose from.

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