Wedding Consultants


Surely the bride and groom will have no less that any questions, concerns while preparing for the most important event of his life. A lot of things have to plan, a lot of choices laid out … but you do not have much experience, do not have much time.

With the desire to share with the bride and groom part worries of the big day, wedding consulting service with our free will help you to have a perfect wedding the way you want.


Consulting Services Black Pooka wedding include:

– Plan a Wedding: budget, party, guests, …

– Consulting wedding photography, wedding dress, makeup, wedding flowers …

– Consult the wedding: wedding ceremony, fruit tray, table decoration …

– Consult the supplier: restaurants, wedding rings, wedding cards, float …

With years of experience in providing wedding services, along with trusted partners, we are committed to bring you the full joy of your wedding day. Come to us to use the best wedding services and advice for their big day, will you do?

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